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19 May

Ubuntu – The disk drive for X is not ready yet or not present

After an Ubuntu install go wrong my laptop started coming up with this error message:
The disk drive for X is not ready yet or not present
In my case, the laptop was having trouble with /dev/sda1, my root partition.
The Solution:
The error message above is met with two solutions, press S to skip or M to do a manual install. Press "M" for manual install.
Once you are the command prompt, your drive will have been mounted as read-only, change that like this:

mount /dev/sda1 -o rw,remount

Now that the drive is in read-write again (test with a simple touch /tmp/test), continue the installation with this:

dpkg --configure -a

05 Jan

USB drive disconnecting and reconnecting randomly

It was very strange, I got a new 2 TB external USB drive for Christmas and I noticed a number of windows (nautilus windows) opening up throughout the night.  So I would wake up to find 20 - 30 windows opened to the media mount directory (/media).  Overtime and watching the logs, I noticed that the new USB drive was disconnecting itself and then reconnecting.  As it would reconnect and mount, the new mount point /media/<some long character string> would pop open in a  nautilus window.  When the drive would eventually disconnect, the opened nautilus window would no longer have access to the data and would display contents from one directory up (/media).  After a couple days I finally found the answer and tried it and it worked as advertised.

For those having the same problem, this is where I found the solution you see below.

$ sudo sdparm --clear STANDBY -6 /dev/sdb
# note that your device could be something else, for example - /dev/sd<something>

And if you get an error, something like this:

change_mode_page: failed fetching page: Power condition

Then you should be able to use hdparm instead, like this:

sudo hdparm -S 0 /dev/sdb

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