PullMonkey Blog

19 Sep

Getting pretty serious now

It has only been a few weeks of riding to and from work and I am obsessed.  I bought the Cateye v3.  It's a cyclocomputer that measures pretty much everything.  It measures the current, max and average for cadence (crank revolutions), speed, and heart rate.  Not to mention distance, time, and calories.  It took about 5 minutes to setup and getting everything securely fastened and operational.

So far it seems to work just fine.

If I could have justified it, I would have gone with a garmin cyclocomputer (probably the garmin edge 705).  But for $700 bucks it didn't make much sense knowing that my bike was $30 bucks.  I would have loved to ghost race myself, such that the cyclocomputer would have tracked/stored a previous lap or trip and then I would see a dot representation of both my current self and my previous self, kind of like mario kart.   That would have definitely kept me motivated.

For a little over $100.00, I couldn't beat the cateye, so I am going to give it a thorough test tomorrow, see what it can really do.  I hope it is a positive experience.