PullMonkey Blog

28 Aug

Moved to WordPress

I decided to move pullmonkey.com to wordpress, my mephisto installation was quite a bit outdated and I wanted some of the niceties of wordpress.  One nicety that I think will be really useful for this blog is for wordpress to notify the user when a comment is added to a particular post.  I know I am not the best at following up with all the comments, so this should alert you when I do.   Anyway,  following this excellent walk-through, I was able to convert everything in about 2 minutes, then I whipped up some apache rewrites, things are seemingly good to go now.  Well, at least for the most part.  I still have to either find or craft a theme, get some syntax highlighting in place, etc.

So bare with me, you will be seeing some changes, hopefully, for the better.

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