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30 Apr

Best 3v3 Warcraft III Strat Possibly ever invented in the entire universe.

Okay so in my spare time, I enjoy playing one of the coolest games ever Warcraft III. Last year sitting in my physics class pondering new better ways of pwning, I developed this strategy for a 3v3 game.

In 3v3 games I’ve played, there are three things that most players try to do. They either go for an all out rush, an all out tech (which in my opinion is a very bad idea), or one person goes all out tech to some powerful unit (chimera, frosty, tauren, something of this sort), while the other two stay on the defensive.

My strategy involves a medium speed tech that is very powerful as you can be teir 2 and still get teir 3 damage, which allows you to attack their base faster and effectivly to stop bundles of wood (fags) who all out tech.

The three races for this strategy are Human, Night Elf, and Undead.

First the human starts off building footmen . One barracks. This works well when people focus fire with dark ranger and archers. In my opinion Defend is one of the dirtiest upgrades in the game because reasearching this one technology allows you to effectively negate any teer one rush with archers or fiends so your team only needs to worry about their melee.

The Night elf starts off building either archers or huntresses depending on the amount of melee the human provides. I think hunts would be best. The NE hero MUST be Priestess of the Moon. Only one ancient of war. Her trueshot will do wonders and a half later on in the game. The night elf should creep with another teamate if he goes archers. He should probably creep with the undead player if the is near. Creeping solo with archers and preistes means she will get her tigers ass handed to her.

The undead builds crypt fiends. The primary hero probably should be Death Knight, but Crypt Lord or Lich can be okay here too. Dread Lord is good also if you decide to later frenzy your Giants. I realize creeping with crypt fiends is semi difficult, but build a tome of relics and buy rod of necromancy to take damage away from Death Knight and fiends.

Moving on. Don’t rush your upgrade. This makes you vunerable to a rush, so upgrade when you have sufficient gold to while still constantly building units.

The Human techs to mortars. Two workshops. Night Elf goes giants, and one or two Druids of the Claw. I recommend using the “Move” command instead of right clicking to patrol in order to have the DOC follow your hero because they ALWAYS die when they rush to the front, or you have to spend precious micromanaging time to keep sending them back. NE player should have two Ancients of Lore. The Undead techs to necros. Two Temples of the Damned. Later if for some reason they have heavy melee before you attack, build Banshees and possess them all. Banshees are one of the best units in the game if you know when and how to use them.

Attack their base when: NE has at least two giants and one bear. Human has 4 or more mortars. Undead has about 4 necros. (The Undead player should still make fiends if he has the gold.) The beauty of this strategy is you can have so many units attacking the front line at once. You have your giants/few leftover footies or hunts. Fiends (who, by the way, pwn air; net is one of the cheapest upgrades next to defend) attacking farther back, and mortars attacking way far in the back. This allows all units to attack and gives more manuverability within battles because you don’t have units trying to climb over each other in order to attack.

Now here is the ultimate goal of this strategy. The necros Unholy Frenzy the mortars giving +75% increased attack speed. It is incredible for mortars. Unholy frenzy increases attack speed way more than Bloodlust (eventhough a cloud above a units head is not nearly as intimidating as a bunch of units yelling weirdly). Plus it’s only a teer 2 spell. DOC should roar near the mortars which adds +25% to attack damage. In addition to this the POTM’s Trueshot Aura at level 3 adds a whopping 30% to attack damage. So your mortars have a combined 55% attack damage increase in addition to their ultra fast frenzied attack speed. The fiends allow it so even if they have air, they still will recieve the brutal mortar punishment. The giants provide great melee protection. If they try to get past the giants, taunt them. They will not get far.

You can level towns fast! If the enemy is away focus mortar fire on their hall. Ideally you will kill it before one or both of the teamates is able to TP and you will only have one or two teamates to deal with. When they TP, still try to focus mortar fire on their hall. They won’t be able to repair it fast enough. Then you can focus your attack on the globs of units that just TP’d.

If you absolutly hate Undead or feel really strongly about Orc, you can substitute shamen for the necros. Witch docs work well with this strategy too because healing wards heal 2% of HP/ sec which is incredible on Mountain Giants. (32hp/sec on every single giant + healing for all your other units = very good :) He should make some sort of AA since you will be naked w/o fiends, raiders w/ ensnare, troll HH, or bats if they don’t have fiends should work fine.

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3 Responses to “Best 3v3 Warcraft III Strat Possibly ever invented in the entire universe.”

  1. By Marc Padro on Apr 30, 2007 | Reply

    This seems like a very good strat, but it seems as if it would only work if you know your own team personally or if you have ventrilo and you can talk it over before actually fighting. Also i am still a little confused on the giants….are they really that helpful and do they really only require teir 2? i thought it was teir 3, but anyways what happens if they rush the nightelves would there be a way to stop the rush(of course tp and such) but wouldn’t the humans get stuck behind the nightelves and the buildings?

  2. By andy on Apr 30, 2007 | Reply

    Yea this strategy is pretty much for arranged team games. I’ve given up random 3v3 games because even if u are an incredible, it’s still close to a 50-50 chance you will lose and it is extremely frustrating when you get gay people who don’t listen to you and won’t play as a team.<br/><br/>So the giants…yes giants kick ass! They are IMO the best melee in the game because they can take SOOO much punishment and taunt makes enemies attack them instead of your ranged units. Also they are impossible to polymorph or posses once you get magic resistance. you can start building them at teer two, however it is a good idea to upgrade to teer 3 quickly because hardend skin is insane (it subtracts 12 damage per hit) and magic resistance is also very good. If you buy a staff of preservation and teleport them back to your base when they are hurt you will rarely lose them.<br/><br/>If the enemy rushes NE, he still should be OK. He has archers or hunts for defense, and his ancients are pretty usefull against melee. However many people attack you, is how many people should be defending. I.E. if 2 enemy players attack you, 2 people on your team should defend. Human is probably best to defend. The NE player should build his base in a way that allows fairly good defense for wisps, but gives some manuverablilty in the base. I like to build my ancients near the back and put my moonwells near the front so I can get them healing me and my teamate while the enemy attacks. Also if their goal is to kill your tree of life or any ancients they will have to move far into your base and you can trap them inside with your army (when you return via TP or run), and your moon wells.

  3. By Millard Harmon on Apr 30, 2007 | Reply

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