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09 Nov

Using ruby to consolidate a list of numbers by shortening with hyphens

Check it out -

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28 Oct

VIN API – ignore checksum validation

It's been mentioned a few times that there should be a way to skip the checksum validation. This means if the check digit calculation generally fails, VIN API will continue to process the VIN to see if there is a "like" VIN match. So here it is:

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19 Nov

2D Vector Graphics in Ruby / Rails

I've been working with Cairo the last day or two to build a sign generator.   I chose Cairo because it seemed like a good fit for building a sign that had to be loss-less in detail and scalable, this rang vector graphics.   I found a few good examples here and there, but they were very few and the documentation was not exactly ruby-friendly.

So I'm going to do a few posts about what I learned and I am going to start with the very basics, since all I could find were completed and elaborate images, way too complicated for a beginner.

Let's start with rotating a square box by 45 degrees.  Very simple.


That's it, pretty simple, right?

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24 Jul

simpleCMS on github

Moved simpleCMS over to github.

There were quite a few changes that were required to get it working with rails 2.1, so they are in the repository now.
So to install, you pretty much follow the same instructions from before.

The only thing I have not completely resolved is the use of the simple_cms_item partial that sits in the plugin's app/views/shared directory. I tried forever to use append_view_path to share the partial over. That worked, as in it found the partial, but the application layout went away, so instead, you can just copy the partial to your RAILS_ROOT/app/views/shared directory for now.

Additionally, you can install it through github: script/plugin install git://github.com/pullmonkey/simple_cms.git
And of course, a lot of you have asked how to just plain download it, well you can do that here, find the download button and click 🙂

Let me know how it goes.